Maelstrom Mix your Tezos

Mix your Tezos & withdraw them

With Maelstrom it is now possible to send Tezos from one address to another without creating a direct connection between the two addresses. Through the interposition of our smart contract logic, users can pay Tezos into this contract and withdraw the deposited amount from another address. It is up to the user if he withdraws the entire amount in one transaction or splits the withdraw into multiple transactions. The connection between the users wallets will always be disguised by a cryptographic process within the contract, which means that there is no direct connection between the initial deposit and all associated withdrawals.

Provide liquidity & hide mixing transactions

Anyone can help disguise the mixing transaction of the Maelstrom protocol even better. To do this, a user needs to deposit any amount of Tezos in the Maelstrom smart contract. This gives the user the right to claim a share of the fees which are generated by the mixing transactions. Depending on the deposited amount, the user can claim his shares every seven, three or each day(s). During this process the Tezos of the user aren’t locked : he is free to withdraw his Tezos from Maelstrom at any point of time - whether in a single transaction or split up into multiple. The only restriction is, that he needs to withdraw the Tezos to the address he made the initial deposit from.